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Oliver Sacks on life and death

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Oliver Sacks writes about his terminal cancer diagnosis in The New York Times, describing the experience of looking at his life with perspective and a feeling of connection.  He writes of a feeling of being intensely alive and at the same time recognising that his experience will be purely in the present, and not in the future, which he says belongs to the young.

I found myself moved by his words, and feeling that this echoed my feeling that we must experience the Now, and immerse ourselves in the joy of being alive and part of a big adventure unfolding in front of us, minute by minute.



Bend it like Beckham

The first rainbow prototype I made a couple of weeks ago had some serious issues.  I sewed my strips together, one after another, and was left with more fabric than I needed at the end of each seam.  By the end of the scarf construction, I had to cut off around 7 inches of fabric from the last strip. Continue reading

Opening soonish

Frustration for me this week.  I have had to postpone the opening of my Etsy shop for a week or two until I solve my camera problems. I have a great camera, but I am struggling with connecting it to my lap-top to download my pictures of the scarves I have made so far. I am sure I will be able to sort this out soon, but not sure when.  Continue reading

All about me…

Today’s challenge was writing my Etsy shop policies, and the about me page for my shop.  I have tried to give a flavour of what my philosophy is and how I run my business.  RainbowShed was always about so much more than a channel for selling my hand-made accessories. Continue reading

Getting down to business…

Tonight I sat down and worked on my business cards.  I already developed my branding, and sorted out the RainbowShed Facebook page, and got on Twitter as @TheRainbowShed.  My email address was set up already, so now it is time to sort out the business cards. Continue reading