About RainbowShed

RainbowShed is a one woman operation.  That woman is me, Allie, designer, buyer of fabrics, sewer of lovely things, and fulfiller of orders.  If you have a convo on Etsy about an item in my shop, you will be having that convo with me.  I design in my shed, cut patterns and fabric in my shed, and pack orders in my shed, ready to cycle down the big hill to the Post Office.

So what is RainbowShed all about?  What’s with all the rainbows?

I love colour.  I love fabric.  But most of all I love that we are all different, but we somehow all fit together, like the colours of the rainbow.  Rainbows make me smile.  I love difference and diversity.  And I love my shed.  It is my own space where I can make a thought into something real.  It is magic.

I love the ordinary extra-ordinariness of sheds. Behind those wooden doors there could be anything.  A rusty lawn mower.  A line of pots of tiny seedlings waiting for the right moment for planting.  An easel spattered with oil paint and a blank canvas just waiting for the first brushstroke to come to life.  A sewing machine and a pile of fabric.  There could also be an ominous humming sound and a conga line of wasps flying in and out – but that usually doesn’t happen.

The point is, for me my shed represents a chance to make a leap, to own the space and make it my own, a haven of peace, hopefully frequently interrupted by those people who mean a lot.  And tea.  Lots of tea.

RainbowShed is a place where dreams are born and made real, my space to work in, and the studio I create my range of accessories in.  RainbowShed’s virtual home is on Etsy, where I sell my custom made clothes and accessories.

I take immense pride in creating items of beauty and utility that help you express your identity and celebrate diversity.  Each item is made to order for you.