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Gandhi on keeping the faith…

Gandhi on keeping the faith

Gandhi on keeping the faith

The flames kindled by LGBT activists have led to same sex marriage becoming law in some countries – keep that fire burning and fight the global oppression of LGBT people around the world.

Pride in London this year are highlighting the global oppression of LGBT people and expressing solidarity with their struggle by having a section of the parade for flagbearers of every nation on earth.  The flagbearers will have a link to the nation they are bearing the flag for, and will be from the LGBT community in London – proudly one of the most multicultural and diverse cities in the world.  The aim is to send a message of love and solidarity to LGBT people worldwide who are struggliung against oppression and discrimination.

Find out more at the Pride in London website.


Boutros Boutros-Ghali on co-operatives

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I have longstanding connections with the co-operative movement, and I am passionate about the ideals of co-operation as a means of both meeting people’s needs and enabling people to become autonomous and in control of the means of production.

For me co-operation is about respect, education, democracy, equality and equity.

Interestingly the rainbow flag now long adopted by the Gay Pride movement was a symbol of co-operation,adopted as the flag of the International Co-operative movement since 1925.  The 7 colours of the rainbow were chosen because they represented unity in diversity and the power of light, enlightenment, and progress.

Red – stands for courage
Orange – offers the vision of possibilities
Yellow – represents the challenge kindled by green
Green – indicates a challenge to co-operators to strive for growth of membership and of understanding of the aims and values of co-operation
Sky blue – suggests far horizons, the need to provide education and help less fortunate people and strive toward global unity.
Dark blue – suggests pessimism: a reminder that less fortunate people have needs that may be met through the benefits of cooperation.
Violet – is the colour of warmth, beauty, and friendship.