Getting down to business…

Tonight I sat down and worked on my business cards.  I already developed my branding, and sorted out the RainbowShed Facebook page, and got on Twitter as @TheRainbowShed.  My email address was set up already, so now it is time to sort out the business cards.

I wanted something simple to include with orders, with space for a coupon code.newbusinesscard2.fw

I think I came up with a design that has the feel I want for my brand, and they are now ordered online and should be with me by mid February, just in time for the shop launch.

The design side of the business is really coming together now, and the sew-in labels and tags are on the way, so the sewing is going to be moving along as soon as the labels get here over the next few days.  I will put up some pictures as soon as they arrive – they are text based black and white labels so they will go with any colours and designs.

More fabulous fleece is on the way for another couple of designs I did this week, and for a very special first order for my Mum that will match a couple of her winter coats.  Stash heaven!!

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