Open for business!

Tonight my Etsy shop is finally open for business!  After setting a makeshift studio up in the kitchen – balancing the “wall of socks”* on the worktop – I took a gazillion photographs of my lovely sample scarves, balancing on a small buffet I usually use to sit on while grilling cheese toasties.  Photographs taken, photoshopped to add copyright infomation and saved in the right size, I have spent all night tweaking my first listing to make sure I am accurate and honest in my description.  Then in a moment of madness, my first scarf listing has been launched into the void…

6 stripe Pride rainbow kawaii polar fleece scarf

6 stripe Pride rainbow kawaii polar fleece scarf

Now I am here, tidying up the loose ends, and the long wait starts to see if anyone will like any of my scarves enough to actually buy one.

I will be adding another couple of listings over the next couple of days for the 7 stripe and 8 stripe rainbow scarves I have made.

I am going right back to the origins of the rainbow pride flags to 1978, when Gilbert Baker designed the 8 striped rainbow flag, through the changes the next year to drop the hot pink stripe due to fabric supply issues, and then the 7 stripe flag, which included the turquoise stripe that was eventually dropped from the iconic 6 stripe rainbow flag we know and love today.

RainbowShed labels!

RainbowShed labels on a rainbow scarf  backed with purple

Here are my labels in action, on the reverse of a 7 stripe scarf, backed with purple anti-pill polar fleece.  I offer a choice of 12 different plain colours of fleece, or the blue sky kawaii clouds to back the rainbow scarves.

I am really happy with the way things art going so far, and I have had a lot of great feedback from the first few scarves I made.

I have thoroughly tested the scarf construction, and have come up with a design I am proud of.  Having finished my photography I can now hand over the 6 stripe scarf to my daughter, who asked for it to be custom made for her, complete with blue fleece sky and soft and fluffy white fleece kawaii clouds appliqued on.

* the wall of socks is the base of an old metal single bed that is used to dry the seemingly endless supply of socks multiplying in my washing machine.

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