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My baby’s all growed up and leaving home…

My first sale through my Etsy shop, RainbowShed, happened today.  I opened my shop on Sunday last week – or rather actually listed some items for sale – the shop has been open but empty since the end of January due to a series of hitches, a camera that couldn’t download images, a few tweaks to technique and construction, and a couple of days waiting for parts to arrive for the sewing machine to solve some issues with the sewing.

At times I felt I was never going to open my shop.  But here we are, a week on, and my first sale has already happened.  A friend saw some of the samples I had made, and requested a wide scarf, or wrap, which reflected her Caribbean roots.

Jamaican Parish Map scarf

Jamaican Parish Map scarf

A couple of hours later I came up with a design she loved after asking a lot of question about what was important to her and how she wanted to wear it.  I also saw a new product for my shop – the wrap, to use wrapped around the shoulders, worn like a wrap or shawl, or like a hood or headscarf.

I listed this in my shop today so that she could buy it – and I already have some favourites on this wrap, and on the plain version without the map detail.  My friend came round and loved her wrap, and bought it on Etsy, so I now have my first sale a week after opening properly.

My wrap has gone now – off it went out of my door, already smelling of my friend’s perfume, and wrapped around her shoulders.  I must admit I had mixed feelings.  I loved designing the wrap, and it was even better turning my design into reality on Friday.  I took great care over making the wrap, making sure it was the best it could possibly be, and it is a milestone making my first sale, but now it feels strange not having it around.

I am making another design tomorrow morning, for my Mother-in-Law’s birthday, so I have my fabric and thread ready, I just need to cut out the fabric and stitch it together tomorrow, ready for the afternoon when we meet up for her birthday meal.  I am moving on.

But there will always be a place for my first custom order – my baby is all growed up and leaving home…

7 stripe rainbow scarf on Etsy

Another step into the 70s with my latest scarf on Etsy.  Blow the dust off your platforms and feel that clinging thigh and loose around the calves sensation that is the flare in all its majesty…  Introducing the 7 stripe rainbow pride scarf. Continue reading

8 stripe rainbow scarf on Etsy

The latest addition to RainbowShed on Etsy is this gorgeously snuggly 8 stripe rainbow scarf.  I designed this scarf inspired by the original gay pride flag designed by Gilbert Baker back in 1978 for the San Francisco Pride Parade. Continue reading