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Boutros Boutros-Ghali on co-operatives

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I have longstanding connections with the co-operative movement, and I am passionate about the ideals of co-operation as a means of both meeting people’s needs and enabling people to become autonomous and in control of the means of production.

For me co-operation is about respect, education, democracy, equality and equity.

Interestingly the rainbow flag now long adopted by the Gay Pride movement was a symbol of co-operation,adopted as the flag of the International Co-operative movement since 1925.  The 7 colours of the rainbow were chosen because they represented unity in diversity and the power of light, enlightenment, and progress.

Red – stands for courage
Orange – offers the vision of possibilities
Yellow – represents the challenge kindled by green
Green – indicates a challenge to co-operators to strive for growth of membership and of understanding of the aims and values of co-operation
Sky blue – suggests far horizons, the need to provide education and help less fortunate people and strive toward global unity.
Dark blue – suggests pessimism: a reminder that less fortunate people have needs that may be met through the benefits of cooperation.
Violet – is the colour of warmth, beauty, and friendship.