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Gandhi on keeping the faith…

Gandhi on keeping the faith

Gandhi on keeping the faith

The flames kindled by LGBT activists have led to same sex marriage becoming law in some countries – keep that fire burning and fight the global oppression of LGBT people around the world.

Pride in London this year are highlighting the global oppression of LGBT people and expressing solidarity with their struggle by having a section of the parade for flagbearers of every nation on earth.  The flagbearers will have a link to the nation they are bearing the flag for, and will be from the LGBT community in London – proudly one of the most multicultural and diverse cities in the world.  The aim is to send a message of love and solidarity to LGBT people worldwide who are struggliung against oppression and discrimination.

Find out more at the Pride in London website.


7 stripe rainbow scarf on Etsy

Another step into the 70s with my latest scarf on Etsy.  Blow the dust off your platforms and feel that clinging thigh and loose around the calves sensation that is the flare in all its majesty…  Introducing the 7 stripe rainbow pride scarf. Continue reading

8 stripe rainbow scarf on Etsy

The latest addition to RainbowShed on Etsy is this gorgeously snuggly 8 stripe rainbow scarf.  I designed this scarf inspired by the original gay pride flag designed by Gilbert Baker back in 1978 for the San Francisco Pride Parade. Continue reading

Open for business!

Tonight my Etsy shop is finally open for business!  After setting a makeshift studio up in the kitchen – balancing the “wall of socks”* on the worktop – I took a gazillion photographs of my lovely sample scarves, balancing on a small buffet I usually use to sit on while grilling cheese toasties. Continue reading