Writing all night!

I have spent all night working on my first listing for Etsy, thinking about what I would like to know as a customer (hopefully there may be one or two once the shop is stocked up).  So far I have a fairly decent attempt, with lots of information about the scarf and how it can be customised.

Being the spreadsheet queen that I am I put all my variations into a new spreadsheet, did a quick SUM and found that you can have 132 different versions!  I am loving the thought off all those different designs.

Now I am pondering on which variations to make for my pictures… and waiting for some more fabric to arrive to complete the colour range I need to get started.

I am going to sleep on it now, and back to work in the morning, looking at swatches and doing some more sketching.  Because of course while I was writing I dreamed up another couple of ideas!

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